Ranch & Performance Horses for Sale


Listing your Horse Instructions.

  1. Sales Management needs to approve your horse, once it is listed.
  2. Please send the Consignment Form with your Contact info.

  3. Please send in check or credit card info for the Catalog Fee

  4. Original Horse Registration Papers must be sent in.
Mail Info to:

Todd Stevie
PO Box 1595
Pinedale, WY 82941


Before you list your Horses to the Auction have these things ready.


  • Your horse’s paper work if registered. You can list up to 3 generations of pedigree.
  • 5 photos to upload to the page.
  • Your horse’s height and weight if you want to list it.
  • Age of your horse.
  • Area your horse specializes in. Example: Calf Roping, Team Roping, Ranch Work, etc.
  • A good description about your horse and what you want to say about him.
  • Leave the LOT NO. blank. We will assign that later on.

Need to EDIT your Horse Listings? View the screen shots below.

Do you need to Add or Change your PICTURES? See screen shots below with instructions.